​Why Saxo Institutional?

Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With 25+ offices globally, we have utilised our learnings internationally to form one simple mission : to be the world's most profitable and professional facilitator in the global financial markets. 


We enable Institutional Clients and their end customers to trade FX, OTC Options, Precious Metals, Stocks, Futures, ETCs and other derivatives via the SaxoTrader trading platforms or an API connection. With our aggregated liquidity from Tier-1 banks and access to over 80 trading venues across the globe, our clients benefit from real-time prices, precision execution and competitive commissions and fees.


Read more about Saxo Bank's credentials, our financial strength and risk management policies below.  

  • The Trust and Security of Working with a Global organisation 

    Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With 25+ offices globally this means you get the confidence from knowing you're becoming a counterparty with a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment.
    Saxo Bank Group and Saxo Capital Markets are audited by KPMG.
    Read more on Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Bank’s license  

    Extensive Market Reach and Product Depth


    With Saxo Capital Markets, you enjoy superior product depth on whichever asset class you trade and the ability to pursue your trading strategy more fully.


    Our ever-expanding range of trading products includes FX spot, Forwards and Vanilla Options, Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Exchange Traded Options from one account.

    Take advantage of our market knowledge and local service for domestic products, and enjoy the freedom to trade the global marketplace through exchanges around the world.​

    Superior Execution and Competitive Pricing


    With our aggregated liquidity from Tier-1-banks and access to over 80 trading venues across the globe, you benefit from real-time prices as well as fast, reliable and fair execution.


    By providing direct access to the global financial markets we deliver a very cost-effective trading solutions. Enjoy low exchange fees, no platform fees and access to multiple news providers.


    Multiple Distribution Methods​​

    A Relationship that Grows with Your Business

    Saxo Institutional provides you with multiple ways to take advantage of our role as one of the most professional facilitators in the global financial markets.


    Use our comprehensive trading platform and access to advanced trading and account features for proprietary trading, hedging, discretionary trading or white labelling.
    Or, adopt Saxo Direct – our API offer – for access to deeper liquidity, supplementing existing liquidity or adding new asset classes.
    Saxo builds its business from the strength of its relationships. We engage with you long term, meeting your immediate trading needs and providing tools and support to help  cultivate your business over time.
    We invite you to grow your business with us, whether you’re a money manager or fund manager and whether you’re seeking a standalone solution or one that integrates with your existing systems.
    From geographic expansion to a wider product offering to growing your customer base, we provide solutions that make sense for today and tomorrow.​

    Transparency that Builds Trust

    Saxo Institutional delivers not just capabilities but confidence – with a range of external audits and third-party verification.
    We report our trades and publish our execution to Markit BOAT, the respected trade reporting platform.
    External audits of accounts help to ensure accuracy of financial statements for tax reporting and accounting.
    We also provides a powerful tool for ensuring transparency for your end-clients.   

    On-going Development and Support

    ​As an industry pioneer, Saxo has set the bar with our 
    capabilities and we continually push beyond – developing ever-more sophisticated and responsive tools. 

    ​We remain ready to help you get the most out of our trading platform. And, when working with/for your own clients, we back you up with the tools that enable you to manage business more effectively.

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  • ​Financial summary​

    In 2012 Saxo Bank Group, parent company of Saxo Capital Markets recorded a net profit of DKK 81 million and reached an operating income of DKK 2.97 billion. Client collateral deposits grew by 14% to DKK 40.2 Billion. As of 31 December 2012, the solvency ratio for Saxo Bank Group was 13.5%.  ​For full reporting on the Group’s activities and performance, including half year reports, read Saxo Bank’s Annual reports on our SaxoWorld Group Website. 
    For more detail on capital adequacy view Saxo Bank’s ICCAP Reports.
    ​​​ ​ ​
    (DKK millions)​
    2012​ 2011​ ​2010 ​2009 ​2008
    Operating income​ 2,966.4​ ​3,526.9 ​3,338.1 ​2,227.5 ​2,518.2
    ​Profit before tax 152.0​ ​847.9 ​913.8 ​269.4 ​468.6
    ​Net profit 80.9​ ​617.8 ​643.5 ​201.4 ​339.2
    ​Total equity 3,364.5​ ​3,240.0 ​2,880.0 ​2,335.1 ​1,416.7
    ​Total assets 26,120.1​ ​27,018.2 ​22,437.7 ​15,210.5 ​10,456.1
    ​Clients' collateral deposits 40,199.0​ ​35,275.3 ​31,296.9 ​15,513.0 ​8,717.1
    ​Assets under management 48,862.6​ ​33,170.0 ​31,170.9 ​18,963.0 ​-
    Solvency ratio (Pillar I)​​ 13.5%​ ​14.5% 16.5%​ ​19.0% ​17.5%
    ​Return before tax an Total equity 4.6%​ ​27.7% ​35.0% ​14.4% ​37.3%
    ​Average number of employees 1,522​ ​1,413 ​964 ​927 ​1,297

    ​Saxo Bank’s Owner structure​

    ​The founders maintain majority ownership of the Bank. Fournais Holding A/S and Lars Seier Christensen Holding A/S own 29.95% of Saxo Bank each.  ​ TPG Capital own 30% and the remaining shares are mainly held by a number of current and former employees of the Bank.​
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    ​Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Group’s overall risk framework has been established by the Board of Directors through instructions and policies that set the scope for Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Group’s risk taking and activities.


    The Board Instructions determine the mandate for market, credit, operational and liquidity risks. In addition, the Board of Directors has issued a market risk policy which establishes guidelines for market exposure and a credit policy which establishes guidelines for manag​ing counterparties and credit limits.

    To balance credit risk posed by liquidity providers and financial brokers, Saxo Capital Markets operates only with regulated counterparties with acceptable credit ratings.

    Saxo Capital Market facilitation of client trading requires that client accounts at all times have sufficient collateral (i.e. margin). This measure limits Saxo Capital Markets client counterparty risk significantly. 

    ​We use a real-time monitoring system for risk management allowing immediate intervention.  Automatic margin-calls and stop-outs throughout the SaxoTrader platforms, state-of-the-art calculation of exposures and margins in real-time ensure adherence to Saxo’s policies for market and credit risks.

    Credit and trading lines available to select clients with ample credit quality are monitored daily.


    Read Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Bank’s Risk Reports for more detail on the Bank’s financial risks and policies and the calculation of Pillar I and Pillar II capital requirements.​

    Protection of Client Funds


    Saxo Capital Markets’ recognises the significance of Client Money Protection for investors in the financial markets. Find out how your money is held and maintained by Saxo Capital Markets.


    Protection and Handling of Institutional Client Funds 

    Risks linked to securities and derivatives are managed within the limits approved by top management. Saxo Bank controls the default risk of all open positions on an on-going basis and has adequate procedures in place.


    Client funds are protected and handled as follows:

    Institutional clients are, due to their status as licensed financial institutions, not covered for cash in case of Saxo Bank’s default. Cash in this regard includes the netted value of derivative positions.


    All securities held with Saxo Bank will be returned to the Institutional Client if they are retrievable from Saxo Bank’s custodian. That the securities are retrievable is ensured by section 72 of the Danish Financial Business Act on Financial Services, which imposes on Danish banks to ensure that, the client’s rights to their securities are at all times protected, also in case of a default.



    ​Saxo Bank uses a number of different banks to hold client’s cash. Depending on the client’s residence they fund their accounts at Saxo Bank by transfer to the relevant bank in accordance with the settlement instructions for payments visible on Saxo Bank’s website.


    Saxo Bank mainly uses one global custodian, currently Citi Bank, for securities and exceptionally other custodians on a few exchanges where local conditions call for it.


    Saxo Bank holds client securities segregated from proprietary securities. When a client wishes to transfer securities to Saxo Bank, the client authorizes Saxo Bank to request the securities from the third party bank where the securities are held and ensures a transfer to the relevant custodian depending on the credentials of the security.

    Protection of client funds with other Saxo Bank Group entities is covered by local regulations. 


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