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Equip your customers with industry-leading online trading capabilities that allow them to access financial markets and a wide range of capital market products at customised prices on award winning trading platforms. 

Resource and budget constraints in IT, back office and marketing lead many banks and brokerages to seek alternatives to building an online trading solution themselves.

In response, Saxo Institutional offers state-of-the-art trading platforms to banks and brokerage companies licensed to hold client funds. You’re able to offer the platforms under your own brand, maintaining full customer control and confidentiality.

Get to market at low cost with a stand-alone solution, select from a range of integration add-ons from launch, or incorporate capabilities as your online trading business and experience grows.

Save back-office time and resources by outsourcing to Saxo Institutional post-trade processing, online risk management and the entire back-end system.

Fully licensed and regulated, Saxo Capital Markets is a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment with a decade of experience in white labelling.
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  • Extensive and Ever Expanding Product Range​


    Saxo Capital Markets offers multiple asset classes including FX (Spot, Forwards and OTC, Vanilla Options), Precious Metals spot and OTC options, Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Contract O​​ptions.

    Choose which products to offer to your customers, with the option to differentiate the product offering between customer segments. Set up customer accounts with Forex trading only, a selected number of Forex crosses or full multi-asset trading.


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    ​Tradin​g Platfo​rms at the Forefront of the Industry



    Saxo Capital Markets offers several trading platforms that enable your customers to trade the financial markets at their convenience.

    C​ustomers can access their trading account with the​ same login from multiple devices: 

    • SaxoTrader for Desktop – a thick downloadable application based on Microsoft technology inst​alled on the customer's desktop. 
    • SaxoTrader for Web - a web-based trading platform not requiring download or installation.
    • SaxoTrader for Mobile – mobil​e access from tablets and smartphones (requires Apple devices with iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 and higher).

    All platforms can be branded in your own name.

    Experience our Powerful Platforms ​

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    SaxoTrader for SmartPhone SaxoTrader for Tablet
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    Note: Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S. 

    Advanced Platform Tools ​

    ​Customisation of Operational Services

    ​Equip your customers with a robust and ever expanding set of advanced technical tools and features that support and simplify their trading.

    Your customers can integrate all products in a single trade module for monitoring prices and fast execution of trades; place and manage orders directly from charts; keep up to date on major market events, news and analysis and much more.

    More about platforms 

    ​All platforms are customisable to pre-defined settings. Using anonymous customer IDs, Saxo Institutional team supports you with a number of operational and automated services.

    We help set up pre-defined pricing and cost structures as well as calculating and booking account interest on customer accounts. 

    In addition, you have the option of defining customised margin levels and automating execution of margin calls and stop outs directly on designated customer accounts.

    ​Reliable and Secu​re Trading Platform

    ​Saxo Institutional safeguard clients' trading with proprietary and industry standard security measures like firewalls, ​web and email gateways, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and patch management.

    We continuously update our software to identify and address any possible security weakness.

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  • ​​

    ​Customer Confidentiality and Control


    ​Saxo Capital Markets White Label set up ensures that only your own staff has access to your customer data. You retain full customer ownership and confidentiality.

    Using client references, our indu​stry-leading customer administration tools enable you to manage accounts on the trading platforms.

    The Client Configuration Manager (CCM) Tool allows you to set ​up and modify customers, accounts and users. Y​ou get full flexibility and​ ​control for setting terms of access, distributing funds, and generating passwords.​

    Use our 'Sales Station Tool' to communicate with individual customers or groups of customers directly on the trading platform.


    Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S.


    ​The Trust and Security of Working with a global organisation.


    ​Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With over 25+ offices globally this means you get the confidence from knowing you're becoming a counterparty with a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment.

    Read more about Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Bank A/S 

    ​Access to Trading and Reportin​g Tools

    ​Saxo Capital Markets White Label solution comes with advanced trading and reporting tools.

    You can manage your orders and positions directly from charts with our built-in charting package in SaxoTrader for Desktop and Web.

    The platform also supports different order types, in​cluding market, limit, stop (if bid is offered) trailing stops and related If Done and OCO orders.

    ​Use our automated rules based 'Allocation Tool' on SaxoTrader for Desktop to easily place block trades on behalf of multiple customers.

    Use the 'Online WebConnect Tool' for reporting and monitoring of accounts, back office and risk management functions.


    Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S.

    ​Multiple System Integration Points

    ​Key to our offer is its ease of integration into your own infrastructure, allowing you to present a single face and seamless experience to your customers.

    With a Single Sign-On solution, your customers can access their trading accounts directly from their other accounts on your website or online portal.

    You can receive daily 'End of Day' data files for importing into your back-office systems – ideal for supporting your reporting requirements. These files can be exported to csv, txt or xml for importing into your database.

    Our live feeds of customer trading data – 'Trade Event Notifications' – allow you to provide focused customer service and support.​
    ​With the 'Client Configuration Manager API' you can create customer accounts and change risk profiles, trading conditions and allowed trading products on customers' accounts.


    ​Scalable Solution for Easy Expansion

    ​As opportunities emerge, our scalable, proven infrastructure is ready to adapt to your changing needs. It's easily extended to accommodate growth across markets and products, readily adding regions and offices below your existing account structure.

    You can reinforce your local market position or give your customers access to most financial markets around the world.​

    Dedicated Service and Support​

    Supporting your Sales and Marketing Activities​

    ​Saxo Capital Markets aims to provide our White Labels with a robust service experience at every stage of our relationship. 

    A robust Case Management System with tracking capabilities ensures a well-defined response to your service issues.

    Before launch of your platform, our professionals will train ​your staff on the trading platform, operational tools and services so your organisation is equipped and ready to serve your customers.​
    As a White Label, you get access to a range of marketing materials and best practices to support your sales and marketing activities, including monthly benchmarking reports on customer acquisition and performance. This data supports you in building a more effective sales and marketing strategy.
    You can include your own brand name on a wide range of Forex widgets, set up a demo account and lead registration flow on your website, use platform and video educational videos and tutorials and ready to execute marketing campaigns. 

    All this saves you time and development costs and you also benefit from Saxo's best practices.

    Please contact our Account Manager to get the access to the Saxo Institutional Marketing Portal and our Account Manager can provide with you a full demonstration. 

  • The CitiFX Pro platform (developed by Saxo Bank) provides institutional-level online trading services to a wide range of clients.


    The FX market is very attractive for active traders and we believe we can provide a best-in-class platform and liquidity to this client base.


    We believe our global presence in the FX market, combined with Saxo Bank’s proven abilities, provides a winning product for clients seeking to trade in the Margin FX space.

  • Several providers were on the radar, yet we chose to work with Saxo Bank. We were able to make the decision quickly, for obvious reasons – the widest financial instrument choice at one place and the largest number of WLCs across the world.

    I was amazed by the high quality of the launch process and the professionalism of the Saxo Bank account manager. Saxo has covered all our needs in terms of developing the branded platform, technical support and training.

    Our launch in May 2010 proved to be successful from the very beginning and we are experiencing steady growth in the number of active traders and commission inflow.

  • With our extensive experience in the Asset Management area, engaging with Saxo Bank allowed us to boost our positioning in the trading space, by providing a state-of-the-art technological solution.

    In an integrated way, our customers have access to a wide range of products and services, which allows them to seize market opportunities around the world, anytime and anywhere.

    The consistent knowledge-sharing and Saxo Bank’s great support have been instrumental in helping us become, in a short period of time, one of the leaders in the online derivatives market.

  • It’s impossible to think that one can spend 10 years in a “honeymoon” environment. However, our relationship with Saxo Bank is solid, close, mutually beneficial and creates a balance of interests that, in theory, would not be easy to manage. The relationship has endured the markets’ ups and downs, the internal friction due to the entry of new WLCs in the market, and situations regarding trading rules and countless negotiations.

    Saxo Bank has always delivered capabilities with a “face.” For Banco Carregosa, this face is a team of Portuguese workers unrivalled in their willingness to solve pending issues.

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