​Trading platforms complete with advanced technical tools and features

Gain access to state of the art technical tools and features. Apart from trading and order functionality, Saxo Capital Markets trading platforms provides streaming market data, graphs, research and analysis reports and a chat function.


  • Price Board - Integrating all trading products from all asset classes in a single trade module for monitoring prices and fast execution of trades.


    Instrument Explorer – Use the search function or browse through the array of trading instruments.  Enables fast location of instruments from Saxo Capital Markets range of investable assets.
    Chat Module - Allowing customers to communicate online with broker’s staff. The staff is also able to broadcast messages out to selected or all customers.
    Multiple Order Types - The use of order types allows for downside losses to be minimised and profits be realised if markets move the wrong way.

    Charting Functionality - New advanced charting functionality allows investors to place and manage orders directly from charts. Comparative Studies feature allows you to perform Correlation, Ratio and Spread analysis on any two instruments.
    Single Trade Ticket - Trade ticket adjusts seamlessly to the product making all the tools needed to place trades available using up the minimum of screen space, thus making trading a simple and seamless experience
    Flexible Workspaces - Offering investors complete control over their online trading environment by enabling them to personalise their workspaces.​
  • Account Information Modules - Provides constantly updated online view of open positions, account overviews, trading conditions and account exposure.
    Reporting – Provides the customer and staff access to end of day reports including account statements, financial statements and trades executed. Furthermore includes information on cash transfers, billing history, dividends and voluntary Corporate Action events.
    Activity Log - Allows the broker to follow trading activity of their customers as well as providing the customer direct and real-time access to the information.​
  • Economic Calendar - Keeping investors up-to-date on major market events in the major global economies. Market Movers displays gainers and losers and most tradable cash stock.


    Technical Analysis - Benefit from sophisticated charting functionality in a user-friendly design. Manage orders directly in the chart, use annotation tools, amend technical indicators and much more.


    Equity Research - The Equity Research platform module offers company data and a broad range of ratios and valuation multiples on more than 11,000 stocks. 

    Get five years of historical financial data, three years forward-looking consensus estimates and competitor analyses. The modules provide traders and investors with thorough analysis and give insight to make the right investment decisions.
    View Company Sample Report      
    Stock Screener - The Stock Screening Tool helps traders and investors select the Stocks they want to trade. 
    The Screening Tool uses the fundamental data from the Equity Research reports. Tailor your preferences and discover global trading opportunities. Place orders directly from the Stock Screener or access news, research or technical indicators.
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    Financial Newswires - The trading platforms contain streaming news in at least 12 languages and news providers including Dow Jones and Market News International can be selected from Saxo Capital Markets or clients can provide their own.
    Saxo Bank Research - Saxo Bank parent company of Saxo Capital Markets has a well-respected team of strategists who produce daily commentary, analysis and research on macroeconomics, foreign exchange, equities and commodities. Read this on the trading platform and via Saxo Bank’s information portal TradingFloor.com.
    News And Analysis – Providing investors with news, information and analysis on chosen markets.


    Market Overview - Highlighting performance of global equity indices in one overview.