Precious Metals

    Saxo Capital Markets provides access to a broad range of FX spot precious metals.

    Gold and Silver can be traded against EUR, YEN, USD, AUD and HKD, and Platinum and Palladium against the USD.
    Additional features include:
    • Customised liquidity with live streaming prices from 1 to 5,000 oz. and RFQs above this amount.


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Terms and Conditions for Spot Metal Trading

Competitive Spreads for Spot Metal Trading

Spread in Pips​
XAUUSD​ ​0.40 ​XAGUSD ​0.04
XAUEUR​ 0.65​ ​XAGEUR ​0.04
​XAUHKD ​7.00 ​XAGHKD ​0.30
​XAUJPY ​100.00 ​XAGJPY ​6.00
​XAUAUD ​1.00 ​XAGAUD ​0.06
XPDUSD​ 4.00​ XPTUSD​ 4.00​


Please contact us if you would like to know more competitive FX options spreads.

Customised liquidity via tradable streaming prices

Clients have customised ​liquidity for Precious Metals, for example in XAUUSD from 1 oz up to 1,000 oz in Asian hours.

Competitive Spreads

Benefit from live streaming quotes and transparent prices, plus the superior liquidity offered by top-tier-1 FX providers. Our competitive spreads starts at 45 pips depending on trading volume.

Low margin requirements

5% margin requirement on XAUUSD and XAGUSD.

Various Order types

  • All market standard order types are available, i.e. Market, Limit and Stops including 'No Slip' Stop, Stop If Bid, Stop if Offered with Trailing Stop support.
  • Trailing Stops, where the Stop level moves in line with the market price, are supported for all three Stop order types.
  • All Stop and Limit orders can be placed as either:
    • Day Order – automatically expires at the end of the giving business day (i.e. at 17:00 EST - New York Eastern Standard Time).
    • Good till Cancelled (GTC) – order stays open until cancelled or when filled.
    • Good till Date (GTD) – order automatically expires at the end of a selected business day.

Trading Hours

Sunday 18:00 to Friday 17:15 New York  local time, with a break of 45 mins (between 17:00 to 18:00 New York time) every day in line with Futures markets.