​Offline trading is available in a wide selection of Bonds including sovereign, government and corporate bond. Bonds can be used as collateral for margin trading.



Offline traded bonds are traded on the following commissions:


​Commission ​Minimum Commission ​Minimum Trade Size
0.05%​ ​EUR 50 ​EUR 50,000


Custody fee 

For Bond positions an annual custory fee applies as follows: 


Currency of Bond ​Annual Custody Fee
EUR​ ​0.030%
​USD ​0.035%
​GBP ​0.025%
​NOK ​0.025%
​DKK ​0.025%
​CZK ​0.25%
​Other Currencies




The custody fee is charged quarterly (using the closing price on the last trading day of each quarter), or on exit from the Bond position where the client will be subject to the fraction of the quarterly fee for which they have held the Bond.


Bond as Margin Collateral

Saxo Capital Markets allows collateral invested in Bonds to be used for margin trading activities (Forex, Futures and Contract Options trading). The percentage of the collateral that can be used for margin trading depends on the rating of the bond:



Definition ​Margin Collateral
​Highest Rating ​95%
​Very High Quality ​90%
​High Quality ​80%



Lower rated bonds are not accepted as collateral for margin trading.

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