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Professional traders require sophisticated tools and access to global financial markets to execute their trading strategies. Saxo Capital Markets trading platform is built with institutional-grade capabilities suited for the hedging and proprietary trading needs of corporations, banks and broker dealers. 
Saxo Capital Markets highly customisable trading platforms with advanced functionality are ready to support your trading strategy. 
Access a trading environment defined by agility and ready to be tailored to your priorities, and benefit from pricing that fits your trading patterns. 
With our efficient multi-asset platforms, you can seamlessly execute your strategy across a broad range of products with direct access to markets around the world.
Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With over 25+ offices globally we have established a decade of international experience and learnings combining the advance technology and finance.
For financial institutions trading discretionary accounts, Saxo Institutional provides a complete trading solution that allows you to focus on trading – whilst letting us do the rest.
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Become a Financial Institutional Client

We have designed a straightforward process.  

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    ​A World-Class Platform that Works for You



    ​At the core, our SaxoTrader for Desktop platform is a thick client application based on Microsoft technology, installed on your desktop.


    This is our most advanced and complete platform, with a fully customisable workspace and an extens​ive range of advanced features. 

    Trade at your convenience
    You can access your trading account with the same login from multiple devices, enabling you to trade the financial markets at your convenience:
    • ​SaxoTrader for Web – a web-based trading platform not requiring download or installation
    • SaxoTrader for Mobile – mobile access from tablets and smartphones (requires Apple devices with iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 and higher).
    Technical Analysis with Superior Charting
    Benefit from sophisticated charting functionality in a user-friendly design. Manage orders directly in the chart, use comparative studies feature and annotation tools, amend technical indicators and much more. 
    In-Depth Fundamental Analysis  
    Use the Stock Screener and Equity Research tools to access fundamental data, general company information and key financial ratios to make the right investment decisions for your portfolio of global stocks.
    Discover global trading opportunities with personalized screening preferences.
    Note: sample report and stock screener published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S. 
    Access to Multiple Advanced Platform Features
    Integrate all products in a single trade module for monitoring prices and fast execution of trades; keep up to date on major market events, news and analysis, integrate external web content and much more.

    Experience our Powerful Platforms ​

    Watch videos of SaxoTrader for Desktop, Web, Mobile and Tablet.
    SaxoTrader for Desktop​​ SaxoTrader for Web
    SaxoTrader for SmartPhone SaxoTrader for Tablet
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    Note: Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent compnay Saxo Bank A/S.


    Extensive Market Reach and Product Depth 

    With Saxo Institutional, you enjoy superior product depth on whichever asset classes you trade.

    Our ever expanding range of trading products includes FX (Spot, Forwards and OTC Vanilla Options), OTC Precious Metals spot and options, Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Contract Options.

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    ​Best Execution

    ​With our aggregated ​liquidity from Tier-1-banks and access to over 80 trading venues across the globe, you benefit from real-time prices and precision execution. Our direct access to the markets provides you with trade results in lower commissions and fees, and allows us to offer fast, reliable and fair execution.

    Saxo Institutional offers precise execution, so you can rely on trades being filled with optimal accuracy. 



    Smart Order Routing – Saxo Capital Markets gives you access to Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) for added liquidity, such as Chi-X Europe, Turquoise and other dark pools.

    The trust and security of working with a Global organisation ​

    Customised Multi-Asset Liquidity Provision​

    ​Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With 25+ offices globally this means you get the confidence from knowing you're becoming a counterparty with a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment.

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    ​Financial Institutions requiring liquidity at competitive spreads for existing or new asset classes will benefit from Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Bank's leading market presence and industry know-how. 
    Our aim is to provide the continuously updated bespoke pricing that matches your API requirements based on frequency and ticket size across a vast range of assets.​


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  • ​Working with your choice of Prime Broker for FX and Precious Metals

    ​Keep your cash and collateral with your own bank whilst benefitting from Saxo's sophisticated trading functionality, liquidity and access to a broad range of markets and products.

    Saxo Institutional handles th​e required paperwork with your prime broker. ​
    We establish a credit document certifying that a prime brokerage is in place and allocate an agreed-to trading line, enabling you to trade on the multi-asset platform the SaxoTrader. 
    At the end of each day, your positions are netted out between your primary bank and Saxo Institutional.

    ​Flexible Account Structures

    ​Within your omnibus account, you can set up sub-accounts for different trading purposes and strategies. For example, if you trade in different markets, you might choose to nominate accounts in different currencies to limit your currency exposure. The SaxoTrader platform allows you to easily switch between sub-accounts.

    ​Access to Trading and Reporting Tools

    ​Saxo Institutional trading solution comes with advanced trading and reporting tools. You can manage your orders and positions directly from charts with our built-in charting package in SaxoTrader for Desktop and Web.

    The platform also supports different order types including market, limit, stop (if bid is offered), trailing stops and related orders.
    ​​Use our automated rules based 'Allocation Tool' on SaxoTrader for Desktop to easily place trades on multiple accounts.

    Use the 'Online WebConnect Tool' for reporting and monitoring of accounts, back office and risk management functions.


    Note: Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S

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    ​Integration Points into Your Infrastructure

    ​Saxo Institutional supports your reporting and record-keeping demands. You can receive daily 'End of Day' data files for importing into your back-office systems - ideal for supporting your reporting requirements. These files can be exported to csv, txt or xml for importing into your database. 

    Our real-time trading feed, 'Trade Event Notifications' provides a running record that makes it easier to keep track of your orders, trades and margin calls.​

    ​Dedicated Support and Service​

    From responsive relationship management to 24/5 technical support, you have access to a provider that speaks your language and works to your​ expectations. 

    With 25+ offices around the world, we focus on understanding and meeting your specific demands – continually reassessing and readjusting service as your needs evolve.


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Become a Financial Institutional Client

We have designed a straightforward process.