Multi-Channel Liquidity and MT4 Trading

Optimise your trading with liquidity tailored to your trading requirements and business needs.


Use Saxo Direct - API with multi-asset liquidity for access to Saxo Bank's own high quality multi-asset liquidity.  


Choose Saxo Prime for independent FX Prime Brokerage Access. Saxo Bank offers direct market access (DMA) to major FX liquidity providers and venues worldwide ranging from ECNs to pools independently formed directly from leading banks and specialist trading firms.
We support integration of tailored liquidity for MT4 brokers.


With SaxoMT4 Linked we offer a cross-collateral, margin account bringing together the product breadth and functionality of a SaxoTrader account with MT4 with full allocation capabilities for money managers.

Saxo Prime DMA

View aggregated top of book prices and market depth liquidity from multiple tier one bank and non-bank liquidity providers 









real-time Saxo Prime DMA  

  • Customised Liquidity across Multiple Assets in Single or Multiple Bands

    Excellence in Trade Execution ​​


    With a single API, clients can trade FX, Precious Metals, Stocks and Futures.


    Customised liquidity channels with single or multiple bands according to your desired depth of liquidity help Retail Aggregators enhance the customer trading experience by limiting single customer rejection.


    Unique liquidity streams serve Asset Managers looking for liquidity at competitive rates.


    Technical Facilitators add value to their broker trading solutions by streaming Saxo Institutional's multi asset liquidity.

    ​With Saxo Institutional, you benefit from optimal pricing and speed of execution.  Our liquidity is distinct and competitively priced. During US and early Asian hours, we are amongst the most competitive in the industry.


    Click on the button below to view stop order slippage history. 

    Historical FX Stop Order Fill Statistics 


    We customise setups to cater for different flows and to strike the desired balance with each client between tight spreads and low rejection rates.

    Market orders are truly filled 'at-best' with clients receiving both positive and negative slippage. If FX trade requests on 'published quotes' are rejected due to exceptionally fast markets i.e. when the price moves too much against or in favor of the client, this happens equally and symmetrically in all instances.

    On-going Monitoring to Ensure Optimal Pricing​

    Explore our API Spreads

    Saxo Institutional continually monitors trade execution and adjusts the necessary liquidity parameters to ensure that execution and pricing rem​ain optimal for our API clients.
    Paying attention to rejections and optimising the flow, we ensure that you always get the most aggressive pricing combined with world-class technical delivery.
    Being a Saxo Institutional API client is a long term relationship, throughout which we monitor your level of trading activity to make sure that we continue to align with your needs and use.

    We are committed to transparency. Explore historical Saxo Direct API spreads provided by Saxo Bank.


    See historic API spreads 



    Get Technical Details on Saxo Institutional's API Price Feed



    Take the opportunity to explore the technical aspects of our FIX services in more detail.  


    Fill in your contact details at the link below and access Saxo Institutional's FIX Client Package.


    The Package contains our Rules of Engagement for the Saxo Direct FIX API with technical details on the product range, order types, and implementation details for connecting to the Saxo Institutional FIX server. Also available in the package is sample code for connecting to Saxo's API price feed using a .NET API implementation of QuickFix, an open-source FIX engine.

    Access the Saxo Institutional FIX B2B Client Sample Package  



    Leverage Integration Points with Multiple Technology Providers​

    ​Reliable Technical Solution and Proactive Support

    Benefit from Saxo Institutional's integration points with a wide range of technology providers including MT4-MT5 bridges, trading platforms, technology vendors and trading communities.

    Our experience and existing operational setups ensure a swift
    and seamless API implementation process.


    View list of technology providers 



    ​Our goal is to make sure that you're up and running at all times when global markets are open.


    Saxo Institutional's API solution is a secure connection to your FIX trading engine and Order Management System. Our cost-efficient solution is based on a VPN connection (SSL or IPsec) and FIX Protocol. 

    Saxo Institutional provides 24 hour technical support. We monitor your connection, aiming to identify and solve technical issues as they emerge.


    We also employ industry leading monitoring software that can be configured to send a wide variety of custom configured alerts directly to clients if desired.

    Trade Reporting Tools to Manage your Business

    We support your workflows and business reporting requirements with trade reporting tools.


    End of Day Files are flat/text files sampling all parameters of trading/account activity during the previous 24 trading hours. The format is ideal for importing into your SQL database for processing and updating your back office systems.


    Trade Event Notifications are real-time notifications per trade event (client order placed, booked, funds transferred, margin calls). 

    Online WebConnect is a view only, web-based back-office tool that facilitates real time monitoring of customer trading accounts and overall risk exposure. ​​
    Note: Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S. 

    The Trust and Security of Working with a Global organisation​

    Speed and Ease in On-boarding​


    Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With 25+ offices globally this means you get the confidence from knowing you're becoming a counterparty with a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment.
    Read more about Saxo Capital Markets and Saxo Bank 
    ​Dedicated client onboarding service by teams in Europe and Singapore, helps to move you seamlessly from simulation to go-live in as little as 3-4 weeks.



    Saxo Prime FX DMA Services​

    Saxo Institutional offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to major FX liquidity pools made up of the top market making banks and non-bank sources, and ECN's through a Saxo Prime Account.


    Read more about Saxo Prime - independent FX PB Access


  • ​Saxo Prime FX DMA Services Provide Unparalleled Access to Liquidity

    Credit intermediation with FX Prime Brokerage ​

    Saxo Prime clients get Direct Market Access to multiple FX liquidity pools made up of the top market making banks, non-banks and ECN’s.

    Saxo Prime brings clients a market leading liquidity solution by extending our direct access to the FX markets via our connectivity and clearing services.


    By connecting to Saxo Prime, you are connecting directly to primary market liquidity via low latency colocated infrastructure. Saxo Prime combines direct connectivity with access agreements and credit intermediation where needed.

    Saxo Prime is independent of and segregated from Saxo 's market making desk and infrastructure.


    A range of institutional clients – Asset Managers, Retail Brokers, Proprietary Trading Firms – can open a margined account with Saxo which will provide a single-point-of-contact access to multiple types of liquidity providers and the most efficient utilisation of collateral. 




    Clients who have an existing Prime Brokerage relationship can also make use of Saxo Prime’s connectivity and access, via give up agreements with the major prime brokers.




    Each of the most liquid exchanges and venues in FX require credit relationships for access, and each requires their own user / platform agreements. 


    Prime Brokerage allows Saxo Prime clients access to ALL these trading venues based on a single account held at Saxo Capital Markets under a single umbrella user agreement. This means that Saxo Prime clients have direct access to the institutional liquidity pools that power the FX markets, with the trades settling versus their Saxo Capital Markets account. 

    Saxo Prime provides direct access to a pool of the tier one market making banks and non-banks in foreign exchange, or direct access to the FX ECN’s.


    A single API connection gives users flexibility to explore and choose which managed or custom liquidity pool, or ECN combination, is best for them. Users connect once, and choose the best fit over time, without the need for re-plumbing.


    Connect via Saxo Institutional or Colocated Infrastructure​​

    Customised DMA to ECNs, Bank and Non-Bank Liquidity​​

    Saxo Prime clients can connect to liquidity via Saxo's infrastructure, or via colocated infrastructure at the centres that host the primary market access points in New York, London and Tokyo (NY4, LD4 and TY3).


    We offer our client’s access to the optimised API available from MarketFactory, a leader in low latency FX market connectivity.






    Saxo Prime provides direct access to the leading FX liquidity pools, from a range of ECNs to pools of tier one liquidity.

    We offer over two decades of experience in constructing and optimizing our FX liquidity relationships with tier one trading partners to optimise trading conditions for Saxo Prime and DMA clients.


    ECN Direct Market Access
    Saxo Prime offers all of the major FX ECNs e.g.:  Currenex, HotSpot, FXAll, etc.


    Direct Bank Access - Managed Pools & Custom Streams
    Saxo Institutional works with all leading FX market making firms to provide a range of pre-packaged FX liquidity pools for clients to directly access.


    Additionally, we can work with clients to construct custom streams of liquidity, created on a bespoke basis in conjunction with the liquidity providers and client needs.

    Low Latency Colocation

    Saxo Prime’s DMA functionality is built on MarketFactory’s FX Aggregator (Trading Gateway), providing a single Application Programming Interface (API) for normalised connectivity to major market making banks, non-banks and Currency Electronic Communication Networks (ECN).

    MarketFactory is a leading provider of low latency algorithmic trading software and hosted colocation services in the FX space. 

    Read more about MarketFactory's single API to major liquidity venues 


    Please note that by clicking the above link, you agree to leave the website of Saxo Capital Markets and will proceed on to the linked site where you will be subject to the terms of that linked site.


    Saxo Institutional’s clients are not exposed to changes, updates or multiple access agreements across various feeds, and the API preserves the features of each venue, delivering continuous connectivity.




    Access to Saxo Institutional Customised Multi-Asset Liquidity


    Saxo Prime Direct Market Access in FX can be combined with multi-asset liquidity from Saxo's own high quality multi-asset liquidity. ​





  • ​Solutions for MT4 Brokers

    ​Flexible Configuration

    API connectivity and FX Prime Brokerage liquidity services are available to MT4 Brokers via a simple server-side FIX API MT4 bridge-plugin and MT4 feeder provided by Saxo Bank. The bridge and feeder are on the broker’s MT4 server as DLL server side plugins. Symbol, groups and securities configurations can be done in a single day.


    Saxo Bank also supports the native MT4 to MT4 gateway connectivity, where brokers can connect to Saxo Bank’s MT4 server infrastructure for liquidity and back-to-back execution. Our MT4 servers are collocated in a low latency environment, and cross connected to multiple tier 1 banks and non-bank liquidity providers as well as ECNs in the LD4/NY4 (Equinix) data centers.


    Saxo Bank combines extensive experience in servicing multiple MT4 broker integrations with our liquidity and products. Our 24/6 support E-Client Trading Services team ensures swift and efficient management and integration for all aspects of trading, liquidity and risk management, front to back functions and reporting.  

    Whether connecting via MT4 to MT4 gateway or using direct FIX API Bridge Plugin-DLL, brokers are able to keep the needed flexi​bility to service their direct retail and institutional client base.


    The bridge-plugins combines flexible configurations with hedging capabilities on a per Symbol, Client Group(s) or Specific Security basis with zero development or network requirements.


    Interested brokers can explore execution on our feeds and products alongside their existing liquidity providers or currently used bridges.


    In addition to offering our bundled MT4 bridge solution, Saxo Bank has integrated our FIX APIs with most of the better known MT4 bridge providers and technology vendors in the market: PrimeXM, Gold-I, Think Liquidity, OneZero, Tools4Brokers, Leverate, Latypoff, eGlobalSolutions, Soft-FX and more.

    ​ ​ ​ ​

    ​The Trust and Security of Working with a Licensed Bank

    ​FX Liquidity and Multi-Asset Liquidity ​​

    ​Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed Danish bank under the supervision of Finanstilsynet (the Danish FSA). Established in 1992 and headquartered in Copenhagen with 25 international offices and $640 mln in equity capital, $9.3 bn in customer deposits and $2.3 bn in AUM (as of 31 December 2013), Saxo Bank enjoys a Solvency Ratio (Pillar I) of 16.2%.

    To balance credit risk posed by liquidity providers and financial brokers, Saxo Bank operates only with regulated counterparties who have the highest credit ratings. 

    ​​Saxo Bank offers Direct Market Access (DMA)) to major FX liquidity pools made up of the top market making banks and non-bank sources, and ECN's through a Saxo Prime Account.

    Read more about Saxo Prime - independent FX PB Access 
    Saxo Prime Direct Market Access in FX can be combined with multi-asset liquidity from Saxo Bank's own high quality multi-asset liquidity.

    Connecting SaxoTrader with MT4


    Multi Account Management for Allocations

    ​Saxo Bank offers a unique environment with multi asset trading from a single margin account. You can trade both margin and cash products, such as FX, Options, Stocks, Futures, Fixed Income and ETFs.


    We also cater for an increasing demand for algorithmic trading solutions and E​​xpert Advisors (EAs) integration.  


    SaxoMT4 Linked is an account bringing together the product breadth and functionality of a SaxoTrader account with MetaTrader 4 (MT4). 

      ​Saxo Bank offers MT4 solutions tailored for MT4 brokers and Money Managers looking for Multi Account Management (MAM) and allocations.


    Money Managers can run their EAs via a standard MT4 client terminal and view and verify their overall exposure via a single MT4 Terminal.


    Saxo Bank does not use third party MAM / PAMM plug-in solutions on our MT4 servers, thereby eliminating the need for separate contracts/fees and multiple support relationships. 


    Tailored Liquidity


    Saxo Bank provides a selection of liquidity pools formed from either single or multiple providers. Benefit from our 20+ years' industry experience with pricing from top banks and specialist trading firms.


    You can customize your market access for your SaxoMT4 Linked to No Dealing Desk (NDD) or Saxo Bank's own industry leading liquidity.



    Choosing your Preferred Pricing Methodology


    Not only can you choose your preferred underlying liquidity, you can also select your preferred pricing methodology. Both all-inclusive spreads or raw spreads with volume based post trade commission are supported.


    Block Trading Enabled on MT4


    Saxo Bank offers proprietary allocation technology developed in-house applicable across all products integrated with the MT4 platform.


    You can continue using native MT4 EA functionalities and block trading at no extra costs.

    The Money Manager handles the set-up and administration of allocation keys and rules in Saxo Bank's back office system WebConnect and Saxo Bank provides the Money Manager with an allocation structure.


    Saxo Bank delivers liquidity feeds into MT4, which is used only as an execution harness routing all orders to the Saxo block-trading setup and allocation.   

    ​ ​​

    Effective Monitoring and Reporting


    Your underlying clients can view their portfolio on Saxo Bank's WebConnect tool. Save on administrative resources and generate the reports required by authorities and regulators quickly and easily in WebConnect.

    Experience the power of SaxoTrader platforms


    SaxoTrader for Desktop SaxoTrader for Tablet nothing ​  

    With a SaxoMT4 Linked setup, MT4 acts only as an execution harness. Trades done on the MetaTrader flow to the Saxo account, but not in the other direction. Therefore positions opened via MT4 should usually also be closed in the MT 4 environment. 


    Reduce Overnight Funding Costs


    Saxo Bank nets positions on a daily basis. You avoid additional rollover costs, which are commonly charged by other MT4 brokers.


    Daily netting yields clear Tom/Next (T/N) roll advantages for clients who run EAs with multiple so-called "hedged" open positions in MT4. 


    T/N swaps will be applied on a net basis on the SaxoMT4 Linked account - unlike in the MT4 platform where swaps are charged on  both long and short positions.


    Market Your Performance

 , the award winning trading community and social platform is a transparent platform that can be used for communicating performance results.


    Opening a profile is free of charge and the reach is global.


    Clients can link their SaxoMT4 Linked account and participate in the trading community.​


    Low Latency, Colocation and VPS Services


    Saxo MT4 servers are co-located and cross-connected directly to access leading liquidity in the three primary Equinix data centers in London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3).


    For minimal latency and best execution, clients can utilize Virtual Private Server (VPS) services to run their MT4 terminals. 


    SaxoTrader - Trading and Business Solutions


    SaxoTrader, the award winning trading platform provides Money Managers with a world-class online platform for executing trading strategies.


    Our front- and back-office platform covers a wide range of tasks from easy and quick client on-boarding to trade allocation, back-office reporting and administration.


    Read more about SaxoTrader – trading and business solutions for Money Managers





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